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Mother 98
(A mother to remember)

Cast : Rekha, Jeetendra, Rajesh Roshan, Randhir Kapoor.

Director : Sawan Kumar Tak.

Fifteen years ago, it is said, Saawan Kumar Tak approached Rekha with the subject of Mother and she told him that the time had not come for her to play the mother of a teenaged girl. So Saawan Kumar stored the subject in his safe deposit vault and waited.

Today the film is complete and those who have previewed the movie are delighted with Rekha who plays the title role with her characters liveliness.MOTHER 98

In many ways, Mother 98 is bound to turn out as a different experience for Rekha’s fans. Set in Mauritius, the actress enacts the part of a high society Mauritius-based Indian woman who has had three lovers in her life. Jeetendra, Randhir Kapoor and Rakesh Roshan play the lovers and the comedy gets going at a brisk pace when the three men land at Mauritius in search of the same woman. The film’s director and producer, Saawan Kumar is least worried about the prospect of the film at the box-office because he knows for women viewers and coming as it does in the year of the woman, nobody will miss seeing his message to womankind. In fact, when Shashikala springs in the second half of the film by defending Rekha and paying a tribute to her, the filmmaker’s message is conveyed. Loud and clear.

The songs are well picturised and one sentimental number addressing itself to the mothers of the world is interesting and has emotional appeal.

Rekha looks fabulous and between the three actors seems to be great rapport and understanding. Being real-life friends evidently helps in relating with each other before the cameras as well.

The new pair Sohaib Khan and Sanobar Kabir introduced by Saawan Kumar performs with surprising aplomb.

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