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Subash - Mahima Confict

Why this sudden spat with Subhash Ghai, after months of cootchie cooing and ardent friendship?
Frankly, I have no idea. He suddenly took off on me and sent me this legal notice. When I called back and tried to get in touch with him, he switched off his cellphone and refused to come on, line. So I spoke to his wife. She said she will talk to him and asked me to call him back after ten minutes. Thatís exactly what I did. By this time, I presume, on her persuation, he had switched on his cellphone. So when I called, he picked it up and said : "I will meet you in court!" Then he went off the line. I tried to connect with him to understand what he meant by that short, cryptic comment, but (by that time) he had switched the cellphone off again. So, if you ask me, I still have no clue as to what went wrong. But, then as you know, Ghai always has problems with his heroines. Madhuri and he are not on speaking terms, I am told. Manisha and he are in court. Ghai is a very fine filmmaker but he cannot sustain relationships. He excepts too much of his heroines. Presume you are talking about the terms of his contract with you when you describe is expectations as overmuch. Or are you insinuating something more? Well even he knows that such contracts are not worth the paper they are written on. He himself violated the contract with me even before the ink had dried on it. He signed on Aishwrya Rai for his next film even though it was clearly understood that he would sign me on for his next three ventures. Even when we were shooting for Pardes., he would tell me that discussions with her was on. We all knew that he was planning to sign her on but I did not make an issue out of it. It is his decision to sign who he wants for his next film. I donít know why heís making such a song and dance about it now. Why he is protesting against contractual obligations being violated. That, too., a few hours before I am supposed to go off for these stage shows.

But why didnít you make an issue of it then? Matters may not reached a head that way?
Why should I? I am not used to begging. He decided he wanted someone else for his new film. I said: "Fine, do what you want, I will also do what I want. I have enough people ready to sign me on."

How many films do you have in hand?
Eight or nine. More are in the process of being finalised. With top film makers, top banners. The last year was quite eventful with all these awards coming in. So I expect to have quite a few more films in hand shortly. I will sign them the moment I am back.

Donít you feel bad that such a special rishta has sourced for no reason at all?
What can I do? If he does not want to talk to me and resolve the issue, how can I sort the matter out? In any case his expectations are unrealistic. I am not slave labour. I have a mind of my own. I know what is good for me. My career. I cannot depend exclusively on the man who gave me my first break to continue giving me important roles so that I can make it to the next orbit I have to now go out and work with others. He is too possessive. Thereís a worlds outside Mukta Arts that I must deal with, now that I am free.

How did you get your first break in movies? Where did Subhash Ghai find you?
I never approached him. I was doing ad films ever since I got noticed in the Pepsi commercial with Aamir Khan. It was my first break and, after that, I appeared in many ads.

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